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At Hempstead Infant School, we are committed to maintaining regular attendance of all pupils. The Head Teacher and the Attendance Advisory Practitioner have the responsibility to monitor the attendance of pupils at this school. Studies have shown that in order for children to reach their full potential, both academically and socially, regular attendance at school is essential. We place a high value on full time attendance and strive to support families to ensure all pupils achieve to as close to this as possible.

The target attendance figure for all students is a minimum of 96% attendance. The more your child is at school; the more likely they are to achieve at school and in later life. 

Attendance 97%-100%: EXCELLENT! Your child attends for 97% - 100% of the time, this is to be congratulated. A child absent for one week in the year would equal an attendance statistic of 97%.

Attendance 96%: EXPECTED ATTENDANCE PERCENTAGE. Research as shown that for children to reach their full potential attendance of 96% is vital.

Attendance 90%-95%: BELOW EXPECTATIONS. Your child is at risk of under-achieving.  This will be monitored closely by the Head Teacher and Attendance Officer.  You may be requested to attend a meeting within the school and to provide medical evidence on all future absences.

Attendance 90% and below: WELL BELOW EXPECTATIONS AND CAUSE FOR CONCERN. Your child is at severe risk of under-achieving.  Your child will be referred to the Attendance Advisory Service which may result in court proceedings if attendance does not improve.

Parents are legally responsible for their child’s attendance at school. If you are having problems with getting your child into school we are here to help.

Good communication is vital. 

School hours, absences and holidays

  • School starts at 0845 (doors open at 0840) and finishes at 1500.  Children should not arrive at School before 0835.  Lunchtime is from 1200 - 1315.
  • If they are having lunch at home, children should return to school by 1300.
  • Please let the school know, either by telephone, note or visit, the reason for any absence from school.

The School, in conjunction with Medway Council Attendance Advisory Service for Schools and Academies (AASSA) will monitor the attendance of all children. Absences can only be authorised for medical appointments, sickness, family bereavement, public performances, religious festivals, or other ‘exceptional circumstances’. Holidays, no matter how educational for the child, will not be authorised unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. The school issues forms for requesting absences in advance and we ask for a covering letter from parents to the head teacher explaining the circumstances.

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