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Help with Phonics

At HIS we have devised and developed our own bespoke method of teaching phonics that involves learning actions alongside the sounds. Pupils who have been at the school since Foundation Stage are familiar with these actions and it really helps them make sense of the sounds and how they go together. The staff at HIS have worked hard to develop our own bespoke approach to teaching phonics so we have password protected the resources for use by the HSF community. Please contact either school office for the password.

Click here for our advice sheet for parents

Click here for the 'rules' for breaking down words when reading them

Click here for the sounds and actions sheet for single letter sounds

Click here for the picture cues for single letter sounds

Click here for the sounds and actions sheet for digraphs/ trigraphs

Click here for the picture cues for for digraphs/ trigraphs

Click here for further useful links and websites in regards to phonics

Help Videos

The following videos all require a password, available to parents/ carers of Hempstead Schools Federation on request at either school office.

The 'rules' of word building explained

Demonstrations of the sound actions

1) Single grapheme/ letter sounds

2) Consonant Digraphs ff, ll, ss, zz, ck

3) Consonant Digraphs sh, th, ph, ch, wh, qu. ck

4) Vowel Digraphs a_e, ay, ai

5) Vowel Digraphs e_e. ey, ee

6) Vowel Digraphs/ Trigraphs i_e, igh, ie

7) Vowel Digraphs o_e, oa, oe

8) Vowel Digraphs ew, ue, oo, u_e

9) Vowel Digraphs au, aw, or

11) Vowel Digraphs oi, oy

12) Vowel Digraphs ur, er, ir

13) Vowel Digraphs/ Trigraphs ar, air, ear, ure