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Packed Lunch/ Snack Guidance

As far as is possible we like to promote healthy lifestyle and diet choices. The following guidance should help parents and carers provide healthy options for both lunchtimes and break times. 

Nut allergies:

We do have pupils with a range of food allergies, and some who need to have epi-pens in school. Whilst for many of these pupils we have procedures in place, we do aim at be a nut-free school as far as is possible. To this end, we ask that no clearly 'nutty' products are brought in to school such as nuts, nuts on cakes, Nutella spread, nut-based snacks. Whilst cereal bars can contain nuts, we just ask that specifically nut-based varieties are avoided.

Chocolate and sweets

We don't normally allow sweets or chocolate bars in school unless for special occasions such as Marble Treats or events. 

Snacks for break time

Snacks brought in for break time should be healthy: these should not be items taken from pupils' lunches, such as crisps or sandwiches. Snacks could be:

  • Items of fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Cheese

Packed Lunches

These should follow healthy balanced guidelines containing a selection of food such as sandwiches, healthy crisp-like snacks, fruit, snack bars, yoghurts, biscuits, etc. Cakes/ cake bars are also allowed for a 'dessert', or chocolate covered biscuits such as Penguin bars or Kit-Kats.