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Pupil Involvement

At HIS we really value our pupils' involvement in the day to day running of our school. Here are just some of the ways pupils contribute to the running of the school;

  School Council; the HIS School Council is made up from representatives from each class. These children are voted for by their class and change termly. They meet regularly to discuss issues affecting the children, such as playground equipment, charity fund raising and events days. The meetings are chaired and minuted by the children. Class representatives report back to their classes about what is discussed in meetings and they are always willing to hear suggestions from their class mates of issues to discuss at future meetings.
  Helping Hands; pupils in year 2 are able to help out at lunchtimes in the dining hall. They do a really valuable job and love helping the younger pupils.
  Play Leaders; these are a group of Year 2 pupils who help lead games and activities at lunchtimes.