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School Awards

Over the course of the year, the pupils have many opportunities to receive awards for effort, attitude and achievements. We are also happy to celebrate pupils' achievements outside of school, whether it is music exams, football trophies or fun runs!

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Helping Hands Certificates: these thank you certificates are awarded to the Year 2 pupils who have been our lunchtime Helping Hands
Hempstead Achievement Awards: nominated by the class teachers, these are awarded weekly for any outstanding achievement, effort or attitude.

Golden Time: this is our weekly primary reward for all pupils who have consistently followed our Golden Rules. If a child has persistently broken one of the Golden Rules, they may be required to miss some of Golden Time.


Pupils who have consistently followed the Golden Rules all term will receive a special Gold Award certificate.

Number Bonds Badges: these are badges that can be earned for learning you number bonds (number facts) to 10 (Bronze), 20 (Silver) and 100 (Gold). These are tested by the teacher for quickfire recall; for example, knowing that 3 and 7. 4 and 6, 1 and 9 all pair up to make 10.