GSO Test

Story Time

Especially for the Coronavirus lock down, stories read by the teachers for the pupils. Password available from the school office via email.

Evie's Mad Hair Day (Mrs Stevens)

On the Way Home (Mrs Leah)

You and Me Little Mouse (Mrs Ward)

Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple (Mrs Stevens)

Monkey Puzzle (Mrs Leah)

Click Clack (Mrs Ward)

Wonky Donkey (Mrs Ireland)

Mrs Armitage, Queen of the Road (Mrs Stevens)

Lucy's Blue Day (Miss Turner)

Room on the Broom (Mrs Reid)

Edward the Emu (Mrs Bird)

Scaredy Mouse (Mrs Martin)

Misery Moo (Miss Turner)

Some Dogs do Copy (Mrs Stevens)

Pigeon Pie (Mrs Reid)

Dear Greenpeace (Mrs Feaver and Mrs Myers)

Fred the Dragon (Mrs Myers)

Oi Dog! (Mrs Scott-Barker)

The Highway Rat (Mrs Bird)

Henrietta the Hairy Hippo (Mrs Ireland)

Oh No George! (Miss Turner)

Red Riding Hood (Mrs Myers)

Oi Frog (Mrs Scott Barker)

My Name is Bob (Mrs Moir)

Rosie's Hat (Mrs Palmer)

Little Rabbit Foo Foo (Mrs Doherty)

The Pirates Next Door (Mrs Bird)

When will it be Spring? (Mrs Myers)

A Squash and a Squeeze (Mrs Ireland)

The Gruffalo (Miss Turner)

Slinky Malinki (Mrs Moir)

Winnie the Witch (Mrs Everett)